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Corporate Funding
You start with $10,000,000 and while this is the easiest level to play,
your wine will not be quite as good.

Consortium of Professionals
You start with $5,000,000 - this is the standard level to play

Retired Professional
You have retired after a lifetime of hard work, and you have $2,500,000 of your own money. While this is the hardest level to play, your wine will be of higher quality.

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SimVin was written by Stephen Reiss (as was all parts of the WineEducation site).
It was originally intended to serve as a test of concept. It is not fancy, but it is suprisingly addictive.
All parts of SimVin are copyright 2004 - 2015 by Stephen Reiss, Ph.D., C.W.E.
You are welcome to drop me a line and tell me what you think.

I hope you enjoy the game, and if you want to learn more about wine, check out my books!

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Setting Up

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