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Juice Jargon - How to talk about wine


The best selling wine text book. Discover the easy way to talk about wine, and so much more.

Juice Jargon takes the fear out of learning about wine.- Business Talk Radio

Available from the Apple iBook Store, or from Amazon for the Kindle or in Print.

Exploring Chilean Wines


Wine notes on some of the best wines in Chile, from 2009.

Since it is dated, it is yours Free from the Apple iBook Store, or $0.99 from Amazon for the Kindle.

Well organized, it is still a useful reference not only for the wines of Chile, but as an example of wine writing.

Cutting Through the Wine Knot - another irreverent look at wine


More wine essays from the trenches.

Available in Print.

Unraveling the Wine Knot - an irreverent look at wine


Essays from a 30 year veteran of the wine wars.

Available from the Apple iBook Store, or from Amazon for the Kindle or in Print.

Special iOS and Mac version available.

With Photos by Janet Engelhard

Mendoza Wineries


Your favorite wine writer and fashion photographer settle in Argentina for five years. You can be sure they visited more than a few wines in the famous wine capital, Mendoza.

Their favorites are detailed in this book, complete with hundreds of photographs.

Available for iOS and Mac only

A Drink And A Year Off - 365 Days Around The World


Come along on an adventure of a lifetime.

A food and wine writer and a fashion photographer sell everything and journey around the world for exactly one year. They comment on what they see with acerbic wit with their tongues in cheek.

With over 2000 photos, there was no other way to publish this, except For iOS and Mac Only.

Recipe for the Perfect Day


Spice up your relationship by planning the perfect day.

Monday to Thursday you prepare, a little each day, and on Friday you call in sick and have all the food and fun you need to create the Perfect Day.

iOS and Mac only
(the adult version is called How to Plan Hooky).



The fine art photography of Famed Photographer Janet Engelhard.

Available for iOS and Mac only.

Mendoza - Through Jaded Eyes


A photographer that has visited over 100 countries, and lived for decades in Aspen, one of the most beautiful places on earth, turns her lens on the wine region of Mendoza, Argentina.

See her take on the people, places, and of course the food and wine of this famous destination.

Available for iOS and Mac only

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