Learn a Little About Wine

While there is an endless amount to learn about wine, it only takes a small amount of knowledge to greatly increase your confidence. What the all the different types of wines mean, the tricks to buying wine, and what to do with it once you have it. Armed with these basic facts you will be able to navigate the muddy waters of stores, wine lists and the conversations of wine snobs.

Red Wine Styles


There are a lot of red wine styles, ranging from very light to very heavy. Learning what type of red wine you enjoy can be a bit of hit or miss, unless you know what to look for. This quick primer will outline the most common styles, and let you know what grape varieties or regions to look for.

White Wine Style


White wine can be refreshingly tart, or wonderfully sweet, even from wines made from the same kind of grape. Learning what to expect just by looking at the label or wine list, will give you the confidence to buy the perfect wine, every time.

Buying From a Store


Even the most experienced wine lover can be overwhelmed when they walk into a well stocked wine store. Once you have narrowed down your selection, what else should you look for? Are there ways to reduce the chance of getting a bad bottle, and wasting your money? This guide gives you the tips you need.

Restaurant Wine Lists


Some wine lists are just that, a list of a few wines. Others are huge tomes that could take hours to read through. Learn to find the perfect wine at the perfect price, not just for you, but for all of your guests to enjoy.

Serving WIne


You have the wine, now what? What accessories do you need, which are optional, and which should you avoid. Do you need to decant the wine? Do you need special wine glasses? Everything you need to know is just a click or two away.

Wine and Health


Much has been made about the benefits of wine and health. What you should know, what the current research suggests.