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Lauri Smith

Absolutely love your website! It has provided me with much need information. It prompted me to also downloaded your book, "Juice Jargon - How to talk about Wine". Awesome book! Thanks, Lauri Smith


Great humorous insight into the world of wines. We've especially enjoyed your insight into "stressing" the vines. This was very well written.


I spent a year in France and developed a taste for red wine there. I am now back in my home country of South Africa, and here my taste for red wine is not shared with many people my age (I am 19). I was delighted to have found your website and i will return as often as I can. I thank you


Very informative and well organized.


I have really enjoyed stumbling on to this site. look forward to coming back!!


I am not very knowledgable about wine, not someone who is very keen to taste red wines. However, I must say reading the content on your website does encourage we to try more variants instead of being a firm fan of chardonnays, rieslings and muscats. You have put in alot of work to spread the wine knowledge and I sincerely commend you for it.


A useful site that seems to cover what is complicated subject for some people.

new girl

This was very helpfull to me,i just got into wine and the biz and im trying to beef up on what i know. The only thing is you had no info on Malbec wines...other then that it was great! Thank you


Great information! I will come back soon to read more. I started a german website about wine as well.

Sue Boxell

Interesting site and enjoyed the quiz - thanks!


I download your book and read the chapter of wine regions. Where can i get more information about?

[I can not recommend enough the Hugh Johnson / Jancis Robinson "World Atlas of Wine" as the best possible resource on the wine regions of the world. -SR-]


This is a great site guys. Very enjoyable!

John Eastnight

Beautiful! A+

Artemus Rickman

Just wanted to note that this is the first time I have ever seen your webpage. I must admit I am quite impressed. Very good information for those who have a long term interest in Wines, or even for those who are just starting. I plan a trip to Napa this year and will be visiting many of the great sites out there.


Congratulations. A very nice page.

Randy Mahannah

Your site was recommended by the SWE so I hit the link and have been enjoying myself for the past 30 minutes. I am interested in obtaining my CWE certification (got the CSW in October, 08) and I'll be using your excellent website in the future. And if you could pass along any helps or encouragement to pass the exam I would definitely appreciate it. Thanx for your hard work. Randy Mahannah


Thanks for putting together such an informative site! Learning about wine can be overwhelming or intimidating for some people, but you explain things clearly and with common sense.

Gordon Robinson


I must thank you for a very informative and interesting look into the world of wine. I have been into wine for many years and always enjoy the folks like you that are willing to put themselves out there to teach others about the things in life we enjoy most wine being one of them. this is a most intersting and concise look at the very basics that novice and experts alike can enjoy. For that I salute and congratulate you.


Friso den Boer

Hello... nice site... I myself am involved in the Champagne industry in Belgium.


The purpose of turning (1/4) wine periodically as it ages is to promote the binding of sediment (tannin-protein complex) to the inner-wall of the bottle, thus decreasing/eliminating "free" sediment in the wine when decanted. Non-filtered and highly tannic red wines benefit the most from this "old world" practice that has almost been forgotten. In wine that has not been maintained properly, only the bottom portion of the sediment layer will be bound to the glass and the "free" top layer will slough off into the wine when the bottle is placed vertically. Wine stored without proper maintenance will likely require a 24-48 hour vertical rest to allow any sediment to accumulate to the bottom before decanting.

Turning wine should not be confused with the riddling process used in the production of Champagne and sparkling wine. The purpose of this method is to remove yeast after bottle-conditioning (natural carbonation).


I am so excited about your site. My family and I just moved to Washington state from Iowa recently. Supposedly, there were wineries in Iowa. My experience is that while it is "up and coming" they have a ways to go. To my delight, moving to Washington has exposed me to a wide variety of seasoned wineries as well as area wine "experts." My family and I are looking forward to purchase an orchard within the next year, for basic personal use. One day I would love to try my hand at a small, small vineyard, again for personal use and experimenting. I hope to take a viticulture/enology certification program next year. So I am thrilled to also have your site as a wonderful resource. I would love any favorite wines/wineries of yours from Eastern Washington. Cheers.

shawn lashua

i have just taken on a second job working nights at a liquer and wine store. walking in, i knew nothing. visiting this site has helped a tremendous amount. thank you for the information and education. i shall be back again, i'm sure of it.

lokesh jain

thanks to have a excellent web sit in wine [sic]


My question is regarding the following passage:

Santa Cruz Mountains Just South of the Bay and overlooking the famed Silicon Valley of San Jose, the Santa Cruz Mountains are home to a few hearty wine makers who's names are near and dear to all California wine lovers. One of California's longest lived and most respected Cabernet Sauvignon comes from here. The intensity of this cab is due in no small measure to the infertile soils of the region.

What is the name of this respected Cab?


[I was purposely vague so that I would not be giving an actual endorsement of the wine, but since I have rated it so highly over the last few decades in my newsletter, I will not keep you in suspense any longer. It is Ridge Monte Bello Cabernet Sauvignon. -SR-]

Ned Nedungadi


Just tripped into yuor site a few months ago and I think you do a fab job which I enjoy immensly.

I wonder if you could change the quiz quistions more often.

I know you are a busy man, but can you please give it a thought!

Thank you once again for this terrific site.

best regards


[That is a legitimate request. I have been working on the other games and puzzles, and have not updated the quizzes in years. I will have to see what I can do about that. Great to hear from a fan in Norway! -SR-]

michael brown

Great site. Its good to see people online who know a lot about the business and recreation of the topic. [sic]

kat nouri

If you're in the wine world..you must see our Vinotagz. you can on our site.

I usually don't post commercials here, especially ones I don't make any money off of, but these really are pretty cute. -SR-


Great site to test your knowledge. I have been humbled.


Beautiful website ! Very professional and plesant to look at. We have visited this site many times and always find very useful information. Thank You for all you do !


A home I recently bought had many things left behind by the prior owners. Among the many facinating treasures found was books on wine, bottles of wine with their family name and a few delectable recipies with wine as an ingredient. I have enjoyed a glass of wine with my pasta meals for years, but upon reading the literature a whole world of wine has opened up to me. Everything to do with wine is facinating to me. I will be utilizing your website to enhance my exploration of wine. Till next time...Stephanie

Tina smith

Once again, this is a killer site, and I'm now adding it to my list of informative wine sites that I give to my students. Thanks

William J Longfellow

Dear (Dr.)Steph Reiss, I am a frist timer to your page and have found it enjoyable. I have made wine for two years and plain to make your book apart of my reading.Thank you it's good to see that taste is still alive.


Hey there! Great site, I really like it. Regards.


Great resource

Lawn care

Great site keep up the good work! im always disapointed that canadian wines are rarely mentioned anywhere except here in canada, and the values and quality of niagra wines are truly exceptional Canada produces much more than just icewine thanx again for the informative site

[The long overdue section on the Wines of Canada has just been been added. -SR-]

Joseph Higdon

I am new to your website and hope to learn much. My experience is in English education, which brings me to my comment. You have a compound sentence on the home page which needs punctuation work. "Remember it is just wine, have fun with it!" Because it is a compound sentence, you need to drop the comma and add a semicolon. Another option is to leave the comma and add the conjunction 'so'.

[I have corrected the offending passage, thank you. It is likely you will find other grammatical errors in the site. I hope they are few and far enough apart that you can overlook them and can enjoy learning about wine. -SR-]


There is alots of depate going regading the benefit and the drawback of wine but no one knows what should be taken. [sic]

[The great debate over the health benefits continues to rage. It seems safe to say that moderate drinking of red wine, assuming you do not just start drinking for your health, may indeed have health benefits. moderate drinking is about 2 glasses a day. It is also safe to say that 2 glasses of wine a day will bring you joy, and I never underestimate the value of that when it comes to quality of life! -SR-]

Dixie Maquet

Thanks for putting together such an informative site! Learning about wine can be overwhelming or intimidating for some people, but you explain things clearly and with common sense.

Sarah Peterson

Great Site. Particularly enjoyed the interactive learning chapters on your homepage. Thank you.

Mirna Pacheco

I just wanted to say that I loved your web site. The information about wine education is overwhelming. I am new to wines but I will definitely keep visiting your site for more knowledge.

thank you.

Julia Middleton

I am studying for the WSET Intermediate Certificate and stumbled upon this website on the internet. I have been playing the wine vocabulary game since before lunch and am totally addicted. I have reluctantly left it with the a score of 1344 points.

Congratulations on inventing a totally interesting way of learning.

Julia Middleton, Godalming, Surrey, England.


I think your site has lots of usefull information.

Yves Farges

What a great read! I did not get a wine card but the content of your book made up for it. A good book has depth, flavour, makes you think, and you learn something new ... and this is what a "good" glass of wine should have for the consumer. Congratulations.

[Many thanks for the kind words. Remember that you can only get the wine tasting card and the color chart when you order Juice Jargon directly from the web site. -SR-]


I raise my glass to your site.


I am a neophyte wine lover, and the "history" page(s) were FANTASTIC!


Excellent site. My wife and I are always looking to educate ourself in the subject. Our life, our passion! Keep up the good work!


Great website. I like the way you stray from what people see as the 'norm' when it comes to wine tasting and serving. The articles on this website make great reading and are very informative.

vini italiani

it's a great site


for those of you who are just starting out with the knowledge of wine there is a great game I picked up recently. It's called Wine Smarts and is a great game to play at dinner parties and what not. I love the game and this sight.Thanks for all the great information. It helps me offer tools to my waitstaff.


I am a Food Business student who recently started working in the wine store of an upmarket department chain. WineEducation.com has been an invaluable help to me as I seek to become more skilled in this fascinating and rewarding field.


Great site, informative.Watching tv the other night, program had a snippet of a wine tasting, but rather than food, focused on pairing wines with mood.Is there any info available on how/ which wine goes with best mood or events, ie bbq's, formal gatherings (evening or aftn), 1st dates, etc...


This is quite good web site. Although First time I came here through search engine but after that I added it into my favorites. And now I keep on check this web site very frequently.


This site is really superb!!! Thank you for you work! Good Luck

Janet Beaulieu

It would be helpful to simply have a list of wine varieties and a description of what they taste like. Wandering through the glossary isn't helpful if you don't know the name of what you're looking for. Groupings such as "fruity reds" or "dry whites", etc., would be of great help to the uninitiated buyer.

[I wish Janet would have left an email address so I could address her directly; but, maybe she will come back to read this. First of all, you do not have to wander through the glossary, the grapes and regions section contains all of this information in one place. Secondly, it is hard to make a list of wines based on criteria such as "fruity reds" because any grape can be made in a fruity style. A good example is Cabernet Sauvignon. It is normally as far away from a fruity red wine as you can get, but when you pay less than $10 for it, Cabernet tends to be made in the style of Beaujolais, which makes it a very fruity red indeed. Inexpensive reds tend to be fruitier, and whites less dry, but even this is an over simplifications. Since the producer, and not the grape, are the final arbiters of style there is no accurate way to generalize, but the section on different grape varieties is a good place to start. That said, I do not disagree that there needs to be an easier way for the novice to know what a wine is going to taste like before they open the bottle. To that end, I am working on a new book that will make buying wine much easier. I will also look at adding more information to the index so it is easier for people to find their way around the web site. -SR-]

Bill Kaplan

This is a really in depth look at wine. Very good information and the games are fun to. I wonder how many people come in thinking they are an expert on wine and do poorly on the quizzes. :)


I am sri from india, worked for P&O cruises for 3 years. I am now interested in doing my sommelier course to get recognized and also to make a successfull career in the us wine and hospitality industry. so, please advise me which is the best place to do the best course inorder to learn the hands on experience and to have an intensive wine course. please advise me.

thanks with regards,


[I am rather partial to my own course, the Aspen Wine Program. There are others, but I really don't anything about them. A search of the web is sure to bring up a list besides mine. -SR-]

Weingut Ernst Popp

A very nice site with a lot of inforamtion about wine.

Greg Cook

I heard your interview on Winemaking Radio. Very nice. I took your wine quiz that is on the web page. I got the first answer wrong. I was somewhat surprised by your explanation. I can affirm that there are, indeed, at least three producing wineries in North Dakota and at least one more about to open. You can find a link to North Dakota Wineries on my web page.

[You are absolutely correct. When the quiz was written in 1996 it was accurate, but a lot has changed since then. Currently, every state has a licensed winery. This changes, but I expect it will be a trend and we won't see the backwards slide again. My current, and a few upcoming blogs, cover wine touring in the "other" states. I have dutifully updated the quiz. -SR-]


Hey Steve,have you had a chance to taste Marquis Philips Sarah's Blend? I just had it for the first time this weekend (think it was a 2002), and wow! good good good..

jenn goh

I am impressed with the website giving detaild information on wine and esp. just like an ISO company, there is a flow chart being documented.


I came across your site via a link on a website in Spain. I've enjoyed what I've read so far. (I'm a retired European group tour operator (wine/gastronomic/performing-arts programs), now a retail wine specialist and "resident wino" for a food market chain here in Michigan). Grrreat site! Hope to read more soon.

Jamie Foster


I completed your book, Juice Jargon, and I thought it was fantastic. As I read some of the text I literally felt I was back in Aspen taking your fabulous instructor led class. Both the book and the Aspen Wine Program are worth every dime.

Jamie Foster

[Jamie may have started as one of my students, but she is a rising star in her own right. Check out her web site. -SR-]


It's been a few days since I posted the comments below. Since then, I've really gotten to travel this site and am very happy to have done so. I really love the chemistry angle that almost nobody else seems willing to explain to us laymen.

I did find one comment that I wanted you to review. Under the Red Wine grapes Classic Varieties section, you state that Petite Syrah is no relation to Syrah. I had just recently found the following comments on the subject:

"We now know that most of the Petite Sirah in California is actually a grape called Durif with most of the rest being Peloursin. The Durif grape was developed in France in the late 1800s by Dr. Durif by crossing Syrah and Peloursin."

I was wondering if this is simply information that has come to light since you wrote your bio of Petite OR if maybe you simply disagree with the explanation as it is above.

Once again, this is a killer site, and I'm now adding it to my list of informative wine sites that I give to my students. Thanks

[You are absolutely correct. Dr. Carole Meredith proved with DNA evidence that Petite Sirah is related to true Syrah. When I wrote that in 1996, this was not know. What is important to remember is that Petite Sirah shares few traits with Syrah, and that most wines labeled Petite Sirah are in fact a field blend of various other grapes, each of which is responsible for overall experience of the wine. Technically Petite Sirah and Syrah are related as grapes, but the relation is more distant once you compare finished wines. -SR-]


First, let me say that I'm delighted to find your site. I'm always on the lookout for a good resource on wine knowledge, especially from a teaching standpoint. I may have some specific requests in the future with regard to teaching wine classes (viticultural paedagogy, if you will).

I wanted to question your comment in the "What to order" section. You state that one should avoid California Cabernet and Chardonnay, selecting Zin and Syrah instead.

While I really like California Zinfandel, I was surprised to see you echo the European sentiment about California Cab and Chard. Napa Cabernet and Sonoma Chardonnay both seem to be good examples wines that are worth ordering. Diamond Mountain, Rutherford, and Stag's Leap appellations all fetch high prices. Are you suggesting that they are of poor quality or simply not good values?

As for Chardonnay--Landmark, Hess, Sonoma Cutrer, and Cambria all produce quality wines, generally in their top tier labels.

Now, I am a wine neophyte. I don't profess to have tasted Chablis or Bordeaux on more than a handful of occasions, and these were not likely the best offerings. Still, it seemed odd to exclude all American wines from these two varieties.

Maybe I took a guideline and interpreted it as a rule.

I'm very much looking forward to continuing to utilize this site, and thanks for making it available to us all.


[There are plenty of good Cabernets made in the US, and the Chardonnay of the Central Coast is particularly good. The advice really had to do with ordering in a restaurant. Since Cab and Chard both tend to be less friendly with food when they are young (yes Chardonnay should almost always be aged) they are not always the best choice in a restaurant. I have rewritten that part of the page to make my opinion more clear, and to update it in general. -SR-]

Igor Kralj

I came from Serbia,and am employed as a Butler in Canadian Embassy Residence,Nature of my job force me to work on my knowlidge constantly,Through Embassy I have just finished basic Sommellier course,and have realized once again what a huge field is a wine field it self,Your site is so helpful,Now i hope I will not just serve the wine but i would share its history with guests,visitors,friends with more proud.Thank You


getting turned onto Chilean wine..great stuff!

[Chile is undergoing a renaissance of quality. Once thought of as well priced, the wines of Chile are moving past the bargain stage (although plenty of bargains still exist). Expect to see an increasing number of great wines from Chile, but don't be surprised if they keep the best for themselves. I am sure you were all looking for an excuse to visit South America anyway. -SR-]

Melissa Yvette

This site is awesome!!! It's hard to find any sites that can actually define a wine or it's origin, as well as make it fun and interesting. I live where people love beer and wine is an oddity. I have been around wine for three years and know detailed "textbook" information but little tasting knowledge. For my 21st b-day I want to plan a trip to a couple of wineries in California, which would you suggest?

[This is a great question, but the answer is too long to post here. Read the answer on my Blog. -SR-]


I just finished reading your book. I have to say it really helped a lot. I am much more comfortable talking about wine now.

[Thank you for the opportunity to shamelessly plug my book "Juice Jargon - How to talk about wine." Now in its second edition, Juice Jargon introduced a new, simple, and more concise way to talk about wine. It is so easy, it only takes about 20 pages to teach you everything you need to say about a wine. Of course, there are plenty of detailed things you can also say about wine, and I cover them by subject, and even alphabetically. From the finer points of tasting wine, to wine making charts, and the maps of the wine regions of the world, Juice Jargon is a great way to learn about wine, and is a handy reference to keep around. -SR-]

fun pic

This site is great. keep up the great work!


It was surprise for me that there is a wine education. But I found it useful :))))


I am hosting my first wine tasting event with a winery in Germany and I have been looking for excitiing things to incorporate into the event. I will use your quiz to test my guests. I am scared about the type of foods to put out. Since it is only a wine taste, should I incorporate foods for those wines or should I do the traditional finger foods: meatballs? bruschetta? cold pizza? chips and dip? I really need help on that front. There's so much information in my entertaining books, but I need an expert's opinion.Thanks,Sonia

[First and foremost, do not be scared. A food that doesn't go with wine is as instructive (or maybe even more so) than a food and wine pairing that works. A wine tasting where people get to try their favorite wines against their favorite foods is not only a lot of fun, it is a great way to learn. Certainly some foods work with some wines better than others, but there is a myth surrounding food and wine, that there is a perfect pairing for every wine. It is simply not true. Remember my golden rule of food and wine "Drink what you like." -SR-]


Hello wine lovers, I am not your ememy. I am your friend, your guide to a good meal. I am your server/sommelier. I have tried all the food on the menu, I have studied wine and food matching. I am knowledgeable and friendly. Use me. Do not be afraid. A good question to ask me would be, "Say, what's the best deal on the wine list right now and why?" I will gladly undersell in order to get you something you'll like for a reasonable price. Cheers.

[A good server should be rewarded. If and when you do find someone that exceeds your expectations, make sure they know you are pleased, and if they deserve it, make sure their boss knows you were pleased as well. In my 20+ years in restaurants I can tell you that few servers of food or wine have tried all the food, or studied food and wine pairings. -SR-]


Thank you for your comments clarifying what "legs" are and what they are not. I consider myself knowledgeable, but I have recently (last night) asked a wine expert about whether the strong presence of glycerin, i.e. "legs", in the glass affected the taste of wine. To her credit, the wine expert said she did not know. It was a blind tasting, so neither she nor I were particularly misplaced, just uninformed. I do question your comment about cork not meaning anything. I occasionally see corks that are completely saturated which, depending upon the age of the wine, can be an indication of poor storage. Of course, this means nothing if the wine tastes fine, but if it is a wine you have not previously tasted and it appears to have off flavors or is just entirely lifeless, the condition of the cork can support your contention that the wine is not in reasonable condition for consumption. Many sommeliers will debate whether the wine is in proper condition but will yield when presented with observable evidence of poor storage and/or cork failure. For anyone having to fend off one of the asses of the 'art or sullen craft' of dispensing wine expertise to restaurant patrons, a little additional ammunition can be useful. Thank you for your site. You have provided very useful information for persons interested in learning the facts about wine.

[The condition of the cork can be an invaluable clue as to the condition of a cellar. This is very important if you are buying an entire cellar, or part of it. You would want to look at more than one cork though, as a single bottle may or may not be representative of the rest of the cellar.

The condition of the cork at the table in the restaurant is not particularly useful, because you have the actual wine in front of you to taste, and it is the wine that matters.

If you need the ammo of the cork to persuade the wine steward that the wine is bad, then stop frequenting that restaurant. The wine steward should not be arguing with you, unless you have already worn out your welcome. -SR-]


What a fun site!


I'm confused. According to the wine lover's quiz you state that Ch. Grillet is NOT the smallest AOC in France. I am studying for the CSW exam and the study guide states that Ch. Grillet IS the smallest AOC in France. Could they be referring to the volume of wine produced as opposed to the area of land? Maybe someone could clarify this and why it seems to be a point of dispute.

[Ch. Grillet is simply not the smallest AOC. It is an oft repeated misnomer, and the result of sloppy research. Grillet is 3.08 hectares and La Romanee, the actual smallest AOC is only .85 hectares. I am not the first to point this out, and the real mystery is why this myth continues to be perpetuated. -SR-]

henry eke

Sir, I commend you for a job well done. My favourite wine is EVA WINE and ANY OF TONIC WINE. please send it to me through the below address. P.O.BOX 3058 UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA, NSUKKA. ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT. Thanks Eke Henry.

Mark Stagner

Superb Site, exeptional education value Thanks!

[I applaud Fleming's for offering 100 wines by the glass. Not only is this an incredible opportunity for the consumer, it is a profitable program that more restaurants should adopt. -SR-]

Vishal Bhatt

Nice site. I had book mark it as my homepage. Best Regards from http://www.zealousweb.com


Very educational. Great Have you written any books on subject? Can you recommend any books or other sites. Thanks

[I am just finishing up my first book. You will be able to buy it here, or from all of the usual places. -SR-]

Michele Demunda

Steve Poe

I enjoyed your tests and want to thank you for providing the general public with a valuable resource for those wanting to learn a little more about wine. By the way, your question on Chablis is DEFINITELY a trick-question--it is my favorite wine from France, but I wouldn't even cook with the swill made in California!

chuck king

I would like to know about the sommolier schools. Please let me know all that you know. thanks

[Setting aside for a moment that I could not possibly tell someone everything that I know, here are a few addresses for you.

My School As you may guess, I think mine is one of the better ones.

While I have no real information on other wine courses, here is a web site address with a list you may want to look at. I do not endorse any of these courses, since I have no first hand knowledge of them. -SR-]


Great site!


Very informative. Thank U.


Great website!


Someone recently told me that there was formaldahide in all wine. Is this true???

[No -SR-]


hello sir!! love the page... i started plugging it last night!! sold some great pino mear.. last night got to taist it aswell. great stuff@ 50.00 a bottle chandon something... thanks, kirk


cool page


sweet kisses


great site, well done

Chris Gustafson

Your site has great beginner information. I loved the write up on �Disarming the snotty wine steward�, very funny. I have recently purchased a 42-bottle chiller and will use some information from your website to start my collection. Thank you for your help. -Chris-


I'm an employee of the New Zealand Wine Society and as such spend quite a bit of time looking at wine sites on the net. Your site is great! Simple to navigate, informative for both the beginer and expert and entertaining.My only critisism is not enough about our fabulous New Zealand wines! Keep up the good work.


very interesting site.ndi oru,biko nyenu efe.

Phillip Dalvon

Thanks for your nice site. Especially your red wine section (as I am a red wine lover) is very detailed. Keep on your good work.

karen Melander-Magoon

Thanks for keeping the interest in wines flowing in cyber space. Come visit us in California, Guenoc Valley. Derek Holstein is back making great wines, and the valley is a beautiful as ever--probably more beautiful than when it was owned by Lillie Langtry from 1888 - 1906. Our tasting room is open every day from 11:30 - 5:00. Yeah, that's a bit much, but we love to see visitors, who seem to think it's worth the drive! 21,000 Butts Canyon Road, 6 miles from Middletown!

David Blair

Hi there, Thanks forposting all of this. Really nice. I would differ with you on the point of corky sparkling wines, however. I assure you that they can indeed be simply corked. Your answer of this as a simple yeasty character (common in methode champenoise wines because of lees contact) is not addressing the point that sparkling wines can be simply corked. Thankfully more wineries are using synthetic corks, though and in fact one producer of fine champagne is using a cork lined with plastic on the bottom. Cheers all! Dave


hello from germany! regards from here and have a nice day! cu, klaus

Jorge Alvarado

How can I become a wine expert?do you run any type od corses?Certification?Please advice Jorge


Thank you for great website. I was very happy to read your comments on rieslings, I love rieslings and I seem to be the only one in our group of friends who does. My boss is a chardonnay snob, and will not give my rieslings a fair try. I live in Michigan and find it curious that wine tasters rarely mention wines from the beautiful Lake Michigan shore line. I particularly enjoy Late Harvest Riesling from Chateau Grand Traverse, and a red table wine from Boskadel(this winery is not listed in the tourist books. The old wine master does not appreciate the novice wine taster/tourist) Both wineries are located in the Leelenaw Penninsula in the northwest corner of the lower penninsula. I would appreciate your comments. Sincerely, Patrice (PS) My husband and I are traveling to Michigan's wine country next week, where we will sample and purchase our favorite Michigan wines.

poppy sidjabat

I would like to learn more about wine, Since in my country the lifestyle is begin to drink wine at cafe or restaurant. how to study wine, and I'm working as a wine stewardess on cruiseline.




nice siteJohn

michael Zentner

Amazing website, thank you.


Great site that I just stumbled on! Thanks for taking the time to get this info online.


On the subject of tasting before accepting a bottle in a restaurant:Should the sommelier always taste the wine prior to submitting it for a guest's approval? (In the way that Chef inspect's his or her fresh produce prior to taking delivery and preparing it for the table)Should the guest always be offered a taste, regardless of the type of wine, so that they might have the opportunity to change their mind before that drink is offered to their party?


Nice site, I have a question. Recently, while visiting Canada, I tasted what was referred to as "Canadian Icewine". I would like to find a less expensive wine with similar taste characteristics. Any suggestions?

Sylvia Coleman

I have been searching for YOU! At last--a website that isn't insulting! Thank you for providing this resource for people like me--I love wine,I'm new at it, and I want to learn about it. I am especially interested in your wine glossary. Again, thank you for providing such a wonderful resource to learn about wine.

Eric the Red

You discuss the proper temperature to serve wine, but what is the proper temperature to buy wine ? If my wine cellar is 55 degrees why isn't the wine shop 55 degrees? And if the wine shop isn't 55 degrees, what temperature is the distributor's warehouse, the trucks, the on-ship containers, etc. What are your thoughts on this dilema?

Layla Arnold

Recently I was asked to consider taking a job at a wine bar - having had bar experience but very little knowledge of wine. Knowing I'd be subjected to a "quiz", I've been searching for well-rounded and comprehensible information on wine basics and recommendations of late. This is the first site that has given me just that, and evoked a sense of truly wanting to learn and experience more. Thank you for publishing this site, and wish me luck! - and if you have any ideas on how best to prepare, please feel free to contact me.



pam mersch

i just have a question... is there an actual "school" to become a sommolier (sp?) which i am assuming (prob'ly incorrectly) is a wine steward... ? personally i'm just a wineau, (a wine lover who drinks wine in a glass.... even have an official t-shirt...) but would like to become more informed... educated... etc. enjoyed the "disarming the snotty wine steward" article...


As a web designer, I appreciate good Web design and I wanted to say well done to you guys for a great website that is both useful in terms of information and web design, Mark. Look forward to seeing you guys again soon. Keep up the good work on the excellent site.

Mike K

Great site, very informative!Was wondering if you had tried the recently hyped up "2 buck chuck," aka Charles Shaw wines from Trader Joes, and what do you think about this $2 bottle of wine.

nice website
nice website

nice website

Tonny Trisnawan

Cool website! Interesting info.toniBali Hilton

Michael Quarles

Great site. I think I will find myself spending a lot of time here.


I need some advice for an elderly female friend I know who has two bottles of old wine that she believes may be valuable. Recolte Patriarche 1962 Les VisitandinesDomaine de l'Abbaye de Prebayot 1989 cote du Rhone. Any information would be greatly received.



Aaron Price

Just read the section on the snotty wine steward and loved it, but i wanted to add a no-brainer -- especially in light of the "pinot dilemma". Oregon. For a good value, try Bethel Heights ($40 - 50ish), but if you're willing to drop some cash, i say (in no particular order) Beaux Freres, Domaine Drouhin Oregon, or Sinean -- for CA options go for Merry Edwards or Cuvaison.

peter van Schaik

Hello,i'm Peter i'm from Holland and i'm looking for an international study were you can learn from a to z how to make wine but i can't find the name of the study or where yu can do the course can somebody please help me out Kind regards Peter

Lake Rouse

You mentioned chocolate and cabernet sauvignon in food and wine,as a teen my friend loved beer and chocolate,it's nice. Sweet and sour!


In fact, I am here just for some information, because I want to reserve 200-300 bottles of wines from France 2003 and 200 from Penfolds, and find a reliable place to store for over 20 years, since I want to enjoy them at my child's wedding, and it will be born in April, 2003. And the price is about $200-400/bottle.The above is all my want, but I really don't know how to do next, beause many company can't reserve even if I make a fullpayment in advance .could you give me some advice and tell what I should do next?Thank you.

Brent Park

A wonderful site and very useful for education. But I must disagree on a small point in the 'Disarming the Snotty Wine Steward' article. You specifically say, "You do not taste sparkling wines." I have been privy to several champagne and sparkling wine tasting and have seen the same levels of 'corked' or 'cork tainted' wine as in still wines i.e.about 1 in 40. The character is not as obvious as in still wines, but never the less still detracts considerably from the enjoyment of the product. I do understand there is somewhat more difficulty in finding these cork aromas in a sparkling wine but you can taste them very easily as off flavours. So not to taste a sparkling wine and forever be in awe of the champagne houses ability to never produce a corked wine, I think you jest. Trust your palate always is my motto.

I understand exactly what you are talking about, I have experienced it myself. There is a great deal of controversy over the cause. I stand with those who say the off odor you are describing is from errant yeast rather than the cork.

Some evidence to support this position is that the odor is sometimes found when the wine is tasted at the point of disgorgement, when it has never been in contact with the cork.

Another point is that several bottles from the same lot may have the off odor, and this is not the case when the wine is "corked."

Many Champagne houses blame the corks, as it reduces their culpability. Champagne corks are made from composites pieces and are not often bleached in the same way that corks for still wines are (it is bacterial spoilage during the bleaching process that many blame for the "corked" odor). The pieces of cork are tested throughout the process and the chance of "corked" odors is greatly reduced.

In 20 years of serving wine as a wine steward, I never had a single bottle sent back for being corked (I caught a few myself, just from the aroma at arm's length). It is not that there were not corked bottles, in fact the laws of probability say that there had to be hundreds; rather it is that people don't always know what to smell for.

The yeasty component of even a well made sparkling wine often smells suspicious to the average consumer. It is doubly hard for them to try to discern the subtle difference that a corked wine would offer.

Lorie Williams

I am very impressed with your wine glossary and defintions. I was searching for a site just like yours to increase my knowledge on different wine types. Thanks for all of the great information and I look forward to all of the other helpful tips you may add in the future.


I live in the Bay Area, CA and I'm looking to get into the wine industry. My hope is to attend the next Aspen Wine School (is there a date available yet?) Ideally, I would like to open my own store/tasting bar. For now, I am looking for suggestions for breaking into the industry. Every job opening I see requires several years experience. Other than a love for wine and the reading I've done on my own, I don't have the required experience. Can anyone provide suggestions?Thanks. Love the site.

The courses are always held in June and Spetember. Check the Aspen Wine Program web site for specific dates.

Anna Trueman

Glad I found this site! I'm studying to bea wine professional someday soon...The quizzes were a great touch! Any chancethey get changed, maybe? It's nice to beable to find out where my weak points are,and I haven't found any other site thatoffers this feature.Kudos!


Hi..I just have a few questions:1) How is wine made and how is the alcohol produced in wines?2) Wine can go "bad" and turn to vinegar. What causes this chemical reaction?If anyone knows...please, please send me an email! Thanks so much!!!GREAT page!

Paul Davidson

When did you last try a New Zealand Pinot Noir ! Suggest you do soon for a wonderful experience of a top Burgundy style from the new home of Sauvignon Blanc

Every Pinot Noir region or producer that I have ever met has claimed that their wine was Burgundian. My question is always, which part of Burgundy do you think it is most like? Every style and type of Pinot Noir is made in Burgundy, so certainly everyone can make this claim. NZ Pinots can be very good and continue to improve, but I have never tasted one that compares to a decent Grand Cru Cote de Nuits. I do highly recommend exploring NZ Sauvignon Blanc. -SR-

Birkert Winery

Greetings from Germany.best regardsBirkert Vineyardshttp://www.weingut-birkert.com



Warren Meredith

Im glade i found this site it has helped me out alot.


Hey there! I am a wine merchant manageress and enjoyed your site as i am hoping to do my WSET Diploma and find a more challenging role in the wine industry..I have recomended your site to friends. :)

Thomas Axelsson

Nice site! The wealth of information is wonderful!


your site is good. Can you please furnish info on the demand supply position of wine ...machinery makers and consultants to establish awinery in INdia.

Donald Burt

Thanks, I learned a lot.

Jade Hemsley

Hi you have an imformative site.
Thanks. I like wine alot. Bye.

James Wilson

Great site. Thank you. We are adding your site to our links and promoting it in our Vinote Notes.

Bryon T. Phillips

This site is great, I'm a restaurant manager and use this site to help educate my servers Thank you for putting all the info in the clear.


Thanx for this site!!! I just bought "Wine for Dummies" on an internet auction site, and it hasn't arrived yet... this site answered a lot of my questions as I try to become educated. I will be back and will recommend this site to others. THANX ^v^

Mark Thompson

I'll be back!!!


Years ago I was given a gift of a wood carved wine lid. The carving comes from Germany pre/1900 and is of a wine cellar sciene. Four men are gathered around a wine barrel gesturing and talkin. One seems to be a monk, one a judge, one a business man, and one appears to be the mayor of the town. Behind the men is a huge wine barrel with a ladder resting against it. On the wine barrel is a crest or or symbol. The image is of a man with a tall hat. In his right hand he has a three crossed cross and in the left hand an axe. He has bib or vest. Also on the barres is written on hone of it's crossmembers 300R.M.5S.7M. On the back of the lid is written in pencil C C Strout Ticket # 153 June 3rd 1903. The carving is in great detail and must have taken months to carve.



Thank you for taking the time to put all this wonderful info on the web.It is very kind of you to share your knowledge with us ignorant individuals! It has truly been a big help with my dealings in society!

tina mangat

it is an amazing jungle of vines and a plethora of wines and this site is definitely the best for starters like me. i do hope i can try a krug sometime.

Ed Guindon

This is a great site for a beginner like
myself. Some Canadian wines please. Other
than that, I am impressed. Thanks


You have to be thyself to know thyself.
Scott G Betton

mike king

great site.

L. Liang

first time to the site, and i think it's great! i've only taken an onenology course which was quite basic, and have been looking for more education on wines. i am from Canada, and i'm quite disappointed that you have nothing in relation to the wines produced there. i hope that one day, you can find the time to add us to this website. and i will definately be a return reader.
thank you for the education!

L. Liang


If anyone has any info on opening a new bar/restaurant in California with a wine/beer license, I would be interested in hearing about the wine distributing and so forth. Please contact me. Thanks, this site is great!

David Smith

Very informative. My wife and I are new to the wine industry. It's good to see there are sites out there to give some guidance to those who may need it. Thanks, we'll be back again!

Matt Adams

***VERY NICE site!***

The vintage chart looks like it came from "[edited]".
I agree that it is the best available.
Even better would be posting the latest version with
three more vintages and arranged with the latest
year on the left side?


Fantastic site and very informative and I will be recomending it to all my friends who are also interested in wines. We particulary liked the wine quizes which where great fun!

Frank Thompson

Wonderful informative site.Starting a new career in the wine industry shortly. This site as opened my eyes and given me great confidence,thank you to everyone involved
with this site.

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our listing your website.


We specialize in the sale and purchase of wine books (old, used, rare,
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Robyn S

WOW!!! Fabulous site with tons of information. I am seriously considering opening a wine shop and this site afforded me real insight, without the SNOUTINESS that most wine site offer. Thanks. PS...looking for distributors in California and contacts for purchasing..any assistance will be greatly appreciated!!

Blake Rebman

Very informative site. I am a beginner in evaluating and understanding wines even though I have been enjoying them for years. I specifically like the German White wines in the Spatelese from the Nahe River valley or Kabinett varieties. I have tried several different American wines but have been unable to find one that compares to the German wines. I have found a discount grocery store in my hometown that has a very nice selection of wines including the Kabinetts from Germany. But would like to find an American wine of the same characteristics. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Daniela Kostova

Thank you for the information. It is a very usefull site.I'm from Bulgaria and I work in a Wine Club. So I look for usefull information about wine.If somebody have something interesting about wine please send me e-mail.Thank you.

Normand Bertrand

Great site keep up the good work! im always disapointed that canadian wines are rarely mentioned anywhere except here in canada, and the values and quality of niagra wines are truly exceptional Canada produces much more than just icewine thanx again for the informative site


What a great site. Although I love wine, I have just begun to study it. I have lots of friends who are pretty well educated in all aspects. I'm trying to catch up to them. I'm putting a notebook together and using a lot of your information. I only missed one on the first two wine tests and that was the one about warning labels. I'll try the third one a little later. I am from Dundee, Oregon (Yamhill County) as you no doubt know we do really wonderful wines. There are at least thirty wineries within a twenty five mile area here. Thanks for your website and the educaton it provides.

Tony Walton

I am a total novice.My wife has just booked me on a wine tasting/appreciation course as a Christmas present.This site has given me hours of pleasure and some wonderful knowledge to begin with.


Your web site is interesting.But my question is
why you have given "none of the above" as an answer.
Instead you can mention some other answer so that
people can learn that answer too. My suggestions is
to pick questions from topics mentioned below:
>Meaning of wine
>Classification of wine
>Names of the grapes and their characteristics.
>Factors influncing thew quality of wine and vine.
>Production of still wine - Red,Rose&White wines.
>Production of sparkling wine.
>Production of Fortified wine - Sherry, Port, Madiera,
Marsala, Malaga.
>Wine laws of countries producing wines eg:
France,Italy,Germany,Spain, Portugal,USA etc.
>Questions can be given on wine terminology.
>Questions can be asked on wine taste,approval,colour,
nose etc.
This is my first time I am visiting the site.I Hope
the above mentioned topics will be very usefull for
the students.
Thank you,


i am a beginner, very informative!!!i was on you site for hours!!! thanx!!


Thank you for the information and the education.I manage an establishment that provides various wines and spirits for our clients. And as in all businesses information, and being able to communicate that information effectivly provise us with the oppertunity to be more professional and better serve our clients. Great site.

robyn mcdaries

i visited your site for the first time tonight and found it informative and enjoyable. i'm a classically trained chef, many years under my belt. johnson & wales alumni etc. when i was in school we had two wine and cheese courses, but since school policy probhited drinking of alcohol on campus, we were unable to taste the wine we were studying. imagine trying to describe an american cheeseburger to someone who has never tasted one, it can be cooked in many ways giving it a distinct taste, it can be cooked rare, med, well done, add ket, mustard , pickle etc.,all will change the flavor, same with wine. my true wine training came from a wine class offered at a restaurant where i was exec. chef. i went out of my way to prepare special dishes for the class, in return, the instructor allowed me to attend his class free. there i learned the love for wine, the true experience and the burning desire to learn more. i had the pleasure to train under CHEF PAUL PRUDHOME for a while and learned his love for wine, he signes his books "good food good wine and good loving make for a good life" how true! any way, i learned from your sight and agree with your personal like of pinot noir (one of my favorites also) , but have a problem with what you stated about beaujolais "served with more fan fair and hoopla than it deserves", i happen to find this wine enjoyable and am of the belief that good wine like good food is a matter of personal taste. also you are right on the money with what you said about matching wines with certain seasonings and sauces. with my experience/knowledge of cooking i, as well as you, know the importance of seasonings and sauces and how they effect the taste of food and wine, and how one can compliment/destroy each other. at any rate thank you for sharing your knowledge i learned from your web sight


Your web site is very interesting!
I've recently begun to enjoy the wine.
My husband took me to Europe last summer and for the first
time I could drink a wine I liked. However I know nothing
about wine except that I like sweet wine.
I've sampled a California White Zifandel which was alright.
My husband can't find a German wine in the stores that he knows of so,
Would you have any suggestions for a white and even sweet
red wine, if there is such a thing?
I would appriciate it very much. Thank You.


Great site!!
Recently, I had a birthday party to attend and could not think of a thing to get the birthday boy. Turns out he loves wine, so I decided to get him a bottle. When I went to the store, I had no idea what was what. I ended up buying an expensive Merlot, trusting...hoping, rather, that the price was parallel to the quality. I stummbled on to your site, and I was wrong...
But I learned so much in the process. My mother collects wine and isn't as knowledgable as she should be. I'll pass the info and the site along!
Thanks again.


Thank you for a great way to the knowledge world of wine
Please send details on your Internet Wine Training Courses
I am from South Africa if anybody would like to try some of our greats
I am sure it can be arrange - drop me a note and we will discuss varieties

Harald trost

I liked your quizz. Only one remark: The
question for the highest quality region
(whatever that may be anyway) is a bit
misleading. While [edited - contained answer from quiz] certainly
produce (among a lot of plonk) top wines the
same may be said about the other regions
(e.g., Doenhoff)

[Note: I disagree, I think my answer,
while subjective, is the correct one.

What do you think?
Take the Pro quiz and see for yourself. -SR-]

Triantafillou Tom

I am looking for resources addressing the management of wine production,and, or, finance analysis designed to help in deliniating the weaknesses of a wine company. If you can help, I have an open and greatful ear.


Great Web Site - very informative. We need more quizzes - what a great way to learn.

Gus KIm

Kudos to the web-master.
This site is excellent fount of wine
information. Much clearer, much more useful
than many wine-education books out there:
e.g. "Encylopedia of Wine", "Complete Idiot's
Guide to Wine", etc.

The site seems a bit dated since you
have a section that is titled "Gems of the
1997 Fall Tasting Season", and the Wine Ratings
don't refer to anything newer than 1994
...but other than this, this is a great site.

This is the kind of site that makes the
Internet worthwhile.

Lina de Miranda

Hi there,
Very interesting website....
I would suggest for anybody to try Sociando Mallet cru bourgeois 1982.

A wonderful wine indeed!


Linwood Slayton

Enjoyed visiting your site and I have bookmarked it for future reference

Mike Simmons

Very well done! The information is wonderful
and received a genuine knowledge of abundant
information. Have always enjoyed wine and contine
to do so. Definitely the best site!

Kim Worley

Just recently gained interest in wine and have been looking for a good no nonsense educational site. This is it! Thanks for all of the info and tips.

Sarah Stapp

What a great site! My husband really enjoys wine and has become a collector. He wanted to have a wine tasting at our home to share some of his favorites, and so we are doing so this weekend. I am in charge of food, and find the task of pairing food & wine daunting. Your site has enabled me to not only feel confident in what I prepare, but also has helped me feel comfortable in telling others why I chose what I did. Thank you! I will definitely tell others about your site!

Matthew Skirving

Great Site !!

After only recently developing an greater interest in wine I found this site Fantastic.
The Australian wine scene has taken off in the past decade, and is without doubt producing some truly world class wines (ie Penfolds Grange early vintages selling for over $2,000Aus). Of course there are other great Australian wines, and if anyone has any questions about specific Australian wines I will do my best to provide you with an answer.
Thanks, Mat from Down under !!

G. H. "Sonny" Hollub, Jr.

Great site!

On a trip in 1987 to California, my family and I toured a winery. We
were introduced to an inexpensive wine called May Wine. As I recall, it
was produced during the month of May and possibly came from (let me
expose my ignorance here) the last wine in a brewing process... perhaps
the "dregs" as one would say. Can anyone help me determine more about
my experience and where can I order some on the net?

G. H. "Sonny" Hollub, Jr.


I enjoyed your site. I live in the S.F. Bay Area and occasionally take a day trip to the Napa Valley. One of my favorite places is the V. Sattui Winery. The wines can only be purchased at the winery or by mail. Very tasty stuff...Uh, I mean bold, but not arrogant.


I have always enjoyed wine, but am painfully aware of my lack of knowledge in the subject. I have started an amateur wine tasting club amoungst my friends and co-workers, so your site is going to be an incredibly valuable resource for us. We plan to meet once a month to taste wines, discuss our impressions, share information about them, and enjoy appetizers and good company. Do you have any suggestions on how I can determine appropriate selections for each monthly meeting? Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Great Question - See my Reply -SR-


I would say being a novice in the arena of wine I feel your site was "sparkling" and I feel educated now. I do have the drawback here that we do not get good wines here but hey lets start somewhere! And you guys please keep up the good work.

Ed Herpel, Jr.

I did both quizes and faired better than avereage. You must admit that some of the questions were trick ones. I am glad I found it and did it. A votre sante!!

John Harp

I did better on the quizes than I thought. Great page.

Ann & Michael

Thank you!

Not the most educated wine lovers, but we are trying just the same.
We fell in love with a bottle of Cote de Nuit Village and have been trying to find other wines that we might like.
Your page finally started to make some sense of it all.



I'm a college student just looking for a little more refinement and this is the best wine site out there. Truly amazing and the webmaster deserves kudos for the time it must have spent making this site. I learned enough to easily make intelligent descisions in both resturaunts as well as when buying my own. Thanks and Well-Done


I'm a culinary student, taking a wines course.
Thanks for the information on a label project.
Actual Maps would be plus.

Amy Benavides


From WWWiz magazine 2/99:

If you don't know anything about wines, the Web offers several good sites with which to begin your journey. The easiest site to remember is Wine Education. This is also one of the most useful sites, written in a witty style that is easy to understand. The glossary demystifies wine-speak, as well. This site will grow with your knowledge base; it has basic wine information, advanced wine information, scholarly wine information, wine reviews, and even wine quizzes!

john green


Does anybody know something more about the chinese wineindustry? Could the responsable of the site give me his e-mail address so that I can mail him?

Terry Chu

I like the quiz. An amasing site! I just start to drink wine recently. I think I am in love with it now.

Craig Girolami

Beautiful site, love the wine quizes, and can't wait for pro quiz to be "on line"

Joe McCarthy

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and advice. I'm rather new to the wonderful world of wines and don't feel quite so overwhelmed and daunted now!

Resident Consul

Being so many light years from Earth, I have to carefully control the consumption of the precious supplies we brought with us on our trip out from Earth. To select the wines to bring with us, we relied on advice from websites like your. In truth, your site provided the most practical and useful tips. We even applied some of your recommendations to deal with a rather difficult Wokian sommelier we encountered on one of our familiarisation visits around this constellation.
Please keep up the good work. Sites like yours make us miss home but helps us to keep our sanity too.

Sepp Himmelbauer

fantastic Site!!!

Paul Ruscio

Fun! Fun! Had a good time geting Information
for my wine class. Thanks
Some good maps would be Great!

Richard van Haagen

Hello / hallo mr. Stephen Reiss
thank for setting up this nice site.
After having explored the interesting Spanish market, i am now trying to get hold on several specific American wines in comparisson with specific French types of wines. Therefore, your site will be very helpfull to me.
Keep up the good job and remember : "alles was ‰ndert, bleibt" (Goethe)


As a waiter, I thank you for the information given to help me inform my guests on the aspects of wine. As a student, I am sick of beer and hope to see more wine at parties, besides, women love a man with class.

Sam Spencer

Just browsing when your site caught my eye.. lots of solid no bs information. Great job I'll be back

Peter May

I found this site while trying to find information about the Pinotage grape in the US.
I love the sensible advice you give, especially about ordering wine in a restaurant.
And I'll be coming back to see if you have been able to answer the questions I submitted!

Peter May

Tony Bryant

You have a great web page.
I have a range of vintage reds from Italy and South Afica from a well established cellar here in S.A. would interested parties contact me at tonybr@isoboard.com, there are various whites,whiskys and spirits included in this job lot package.
This is a genuine bargain deal so please,sincere enquiries only.

Valerio Calza

We visit your web pages all the time.
They are useful and well put together,
I wish the rest of the Web was this
easy to navigate.

Robert Everest

Help anyone!!! I am a 21 y.o student looking to apprentice with a skilled viticulturist on Vancouver
Island. I would love to learn about growing grapes, but unfortunatly a willing teacher is hard to come
by, If anyone has any advice or info. for me please please mail me!!! Thanks for reading!! Ciao

Christie Love

As a member of the " De-mystify the vino " movement, I am very pleased with the candor and the presentation of information.
Let's all keep working at sharing the romance and not the pretense!!
Christie Love

Arda Kaya

You have a great site.I liked it.Well done.
If you want to taste a Turkish wine.Contact

Francisco X. LeÛn S.

I¥m just starting to review the page, I really enjoy drinking good wine, and am always trying to learn a bit more about it. I live in Mty Mexico and am looking forward to joining or starting a tasting group in town. My wife and myself did so in Guadalajara and enjoyed several very enjoyable evenings. I¥d be happy to hear suggestions for wine tasting events.

Les Billet

Thanks for info
for sale: B/O 1945 ingelnook white pinot
two bottles
1483 rare old parr scotch


Great site! Look forward to corresponding with you in the future. I'm a much bigger buyer of Bordeaux especially 1986 Pichon Comtesse, than California but I look forward to you and your readers recomendations.

H Mendez

Great job Stephen, I'm sure your Site is already helping many people all over the world, the way that it is helping me now. Regards.


Interesting site.
My all-time favorite wine has to be the '74 Silver Oak Cab from Napa V.
The "new" all-timer from the State of Washington is Leonetti's Cab, if you can get it. Woodward Cyn seems to get all the press but Leonetti has them beat hands down!


What a great website. Thanks for putting this
info for others to see and share.
My all time favorite wine of Napa Valley is
none other than the Kendall Jackson
Chardonnay. What a delicious buttery flavor
for under $10.
Thanks again.


Mel Crann

Regarding "How and Why WIne Ages" you seem to have provided an incomplete explanation when you put it down to tannin. The white wines of Germany and Alsace are noted for their longevity and they have no contact with oak. It would appear that high levels of acidity, alcohol or sugar can also provde ageing capability. Is this not so?

[read my response - Steve]

John Hramiec

Great Site! Wonderfully informative. Keep up the good work.
Royal Oak, MI

Ed Goist

As an enthusiast new to the wonderful world of wine, I wanted to let you
know that I am finding your "Buyers & Cellers" web page to be very
interesting and informative.

Steve Wickes

While getting ready to do a educational wine meeting at our store, I byted into your site. WOW! It's terrific. Now for the irony: our store is Sundance Drug & Liquor in Snowmass Village!! Hope to see you soon in person to thank you.

Steve & Barbara Wickes

John Jenness

I was looking at your website -- nice job.


Your site is wonderful; both interesting and educational.

Bob Elliott

Congratulations on such an informative and fun website.

Travis Weinman

Great Site.

diego alphi

greetings from a dutch student in the usa.
good work!!!!!!!!


Haven't checked you out in awhile...you still look good to me...;)

Tom Third

Keep up the good work!

The Net magazine

From V. 3 I. 1 June 97:

Full of sensible advice on subjects large and small -
what to do with he cork when a server hands it to you,
buying good wine at a bargain price, starting a cellar -
B&C Wine Education is also free of the pretension that
often permeates wine writing. Anyone who's ever been
intimidated by a snotty waiter or wine steward will
appreciate the instructions on selecting and tasting
wine in restaurants (armed with these pointers, the site
promises, "you can smile knowingly, confident that you
now possess the ammo to deflate the pompous ass"),
and the rating of 250 vintages will give you a sense of
the quality of various producers' wines. -SS

Amanda Goheen

Glynn Peacock

Very informative, and a pleasant read.

Anthony Middleton/Best Wine Corporation

Helpful page, lots of information.

Jason Tennyson

For someone like myself, a beginner, this has been an invaluable site. Keep up the good work.

Ezra Gale

From Net Guide Live - 2/24/97

Straight from the playground of those who can afford a nice bottle of wine -- Aspen, Colo. -- comes this excellent primer on the basics of vino. Sites such as this one can be too highbrow for tipplers, but B&C; gets points for including sections like "Disarming the Snotty Wine Steward" and "Wine under 10!!!!" Also handy: the section detailing which wines go with which foods, where head wine educator Steven Reiss debunks several myths surrounding the pairing of wine and food.

Mike Clarke

Peter Donahue

Wow, very nice info on grapes! The concise descriptions of different grape varieties is excellent. Just what I needed and just what Parker & Johnson don't provide. Anyway, I really appreciate your effort.

Fabienne MISTRY

Hello / Bonjour! I'm a French student in the U.S. and I happen to surf on your site. I must admit I am really impressed by the knowledge you have about certain wines (cf: coteaux du Layon). Even in France, people usually have never heard about Coteaux du Layon. Two years ago, my parents opened a bottle of Coteaux du Layon of 1968 (the date of their wedding). The color was gold, the aroma and the test were an even!!! We drunk it with "foie gras". Anyway, long life to your site.

David Reams

Great new page Steve. I use your page all the time, superior info and great buys. Thanks for the Education

Keith & Heather Austin

Liked your site!! My wife and I are fairly new to wine, and are enjoying our experiments greatly! :) Thanks for the advice on reasonably priced wines, they have been a source for new found wines for both of us. Once again, nice site and thanks for the advice. Hamtramck, MI

Tim Taylor

I've reciently become interested in wines and starting a small cellar -- Education is what I seek, and this looks like a great place to start. THANKS! Tim Taylor Hamtramck, MI

Nicolas Lategan

Thank you for your very interesting Web Site. I only discovered it today, but this is surely the first of many vists.

Karen Leckey

I just starting working in the wine industry and am currently taking my second class, so I am always looking for juicy information. I will definitely be back soon.

Dave Lister

I'm a beginner at wines and liked what I found. I'll be back.

Steve Baker

Thanks for an enjoyable site visit. I have slow access so I don't get to enjoy a lot of pretty graphics and image maps and you offered me access to everything just the same. I linked to your page from a link at Robin Garr's Wine Page.

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