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Juice JargonThe Top Selling Book by the Author of This Site,

kindle-logo._V248941350_ Juice Jargon - How to talk about wine. The book that Business Talk Radio said "Takes the Fear out of Learning About Wine" and you can download it now for only $4.99. For more Information, to Purchase or for a Free Sample.

Mendoza Wineries Magazine

Malbec, gauchos, the Andes, the women, the beef! Have you ever thought about visiting Argentina? Perhaps a virtual visit is more your speed? Presenting Mendoza Wineries Electronic Magazine. Penned by Stephen Reiss, the author of this site, with copious illustrations from his wife, the world renown photographer Janet Engelhard.

Discover the variety of experiences that Argentina can deliver, right on your computer, iPad, iPhone or other smartphone.

Completely FREE, Mendoza Wineries Magazine leverages the modern publishing revolution to bring you a travel magazine that is unlike any that has come before it. Not just an electronic version of of an existing publication, Mendoza Wineries was created from the ground up to be enjoyed on portable devices or your computer.

The first few issues are just a start as we learn what you like to see. Over time we will be adding videos, interactivity and social networking, to bring you a truly 21st century experience.

The End of an Era, The Beginning of Another

For 6 years I used Google's Blogger service to publish my blog. They no longer make it possible to publish the blog on my own server. I am looking into alternatives, but it is important that the many years worth of articles remain available and searchable, just as they are. The only thing we have lost is the ability for comments to be posted. Don't worry, any comments you post still make their way to me.

The Wine Quality Crusade was a year long adventure from June 2008 to May 2009 visiting the less known wine regions in the world.

Read all about it:

Recent and Popular Articles

Mendoza, the next Hollywood?

Lights, camera, grapes! Grapes? The bodegas of Mendoza have made it to the limelight in the form of a major motion picture from Argentina. El Camino del Vino is a docudrama that will tell the story of the real Charlie Arturaola having a fictional crisis of wine. Only a few of Mendoza’s many wineries will be featured, and it is no accident that Domaine Jean Bousquet will be one of them. read more

Oh, oh, oh, O2

For years my debates over wine have mostly taken place at the august levels of academia, or at least with wine pros. Now that I am the world's most over qualified wine guide most of my skills of rhetoric are aimed at consumers. read more

Stressing Out

For the last six months I have been busy creating a hospitality program for Domaine Jean Bousquet here in Tupungato, Mendoza, Argentina. It hasn't left much time for blogging, but I have managed to mull a few things over in my mind as I play tour guide.

I have long subscribed to the axiom that you don't really understand a subject if you can't explain it to a complete novice. This has been regularly tested as I explain the details of wine making and grape growing to a range of people with wildly different levels of experience in and around wine. read more

Appearing Daily at Domaine Jean Bousquet
Three months ago I let you know I was moving to Argentina. I wish I could say I had mastered Spanish in that time, but stumbling through it is more accurate. Not that this has stopped me from putting myself in a position where speaking the language is an issue.

I am now the Hospitality Manager for Domaine Jean Bousquet in Tupungato, Mendoza. I am in charge of visits, including tours in any language I can muster. read more

Asia, the 800 Pound Gorilla
Almost 30% of the World's landmass resides within the continent of Asia. The rich culture often predates that of the West, and so it is even with wine. Granted that wine here took a different path, as I have written about so often in the past, but wine there was.

As the promise of the Global Marketplace becomes a reality it should come as no surprise that many of the billions of people that occupy Asia have come to love wine. Wine from Europe, the Americas, Australasia, and yes, even wine from Asia.
read more

Diabetes and Wine
A few years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes. For a food and wine lover this was the last thing I ever wanted to hear. I was sure my life was about to change, and that I would never have a decent meal or any fun, ever. My life did change, but I still get to eat pretty well.

What follows is an anecdotal tale of my personal experiences. I can not begin to stress enough that I am not giving advice, and that you should check with your doctor and nutritionist before changing your diet in any way. That said, here is what life is like for a diabetic ex-chef with a serious love for wine.
read more was established August 15th, 1995

Since 1984 I have been sharing what I have learned about wine, on what eventually would become the Internet. From 1996 to 2008 I taught wine courses in Aspen, Colorado, but now after traveling the World I have settled in Argentina for the wines and the people.

If you are so moved, share your comments, and see what others have had to say.

Remember it is just wine; have fun with it!

Your Host,

Stephen Reiss Photosignature
Stephen Reiss, Ph.D.,
Certified Wine Educator

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