VinTriv - Can you go all the way?

VinTriv Rules:

  • Once you start (by hitting the "I am Ready" button below) you will have 10 seconds to answer the question
  • If you answer the question correctly you have the option of stopping or risking it all to go on
  • The 10 second timer will only start with each new question, so you have time between questions to catch your breath
  • The questions start out (very) easy and get harder - There are a total of 6 levels
  • If you get 3 wrong answers you are out
  • Choose the BEST answer from those offered
  • You will not get a chance to see the correct answer if you are wrong (so that you may play more than once)
  • There are a limited number of questions for each level, if you play enough you will see them all
  • As long as you are not eliminated you will have the option of adding your name to the high score list

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