Technical Discussions

Legs / Tears

Legs or tears are all too often cited as an indication of quality or body of a wine. They are neither. learn why not, and why you may never want to mention them again.

Decanting Experiment

Do you decant? Why? Because it improves the wine? Considering how much our minds plays tricks on us, can you be sure? This was an attempt to find evidence for decanting. Look it over, and hopefully it will inspire you to conduct a test or two yourself.

Wine Glass Science

Every glass makes wine taste differently, but is there, or can there ever be one perfect glass for every wine? What glasses do you want, and why?

The Role of O2

Oxygen is key to making wine. Too little, or too much can ruin a wine. But how much do you need, and how should it get into the wine? We look at several conflicting theories.

Winery Tech

Time marches on, and the winery is not immune to changing technology. See what is new, and what is on the horizon.

Bottle Shock

Much more than just the title of a movie, bottle shock breaks the heart of too many winemakers. Learn how and why to ship wine so that it arrives in the same condition it left the winery in.

Wine Faults

When good wine goes bad, it stinks, literally. Learn how to identify that particular odor and give it a name.

How and Why Wine Ages

How is your organic chemistry? The process of wine aging is beyond technical and not altogether understood. Here is what we do know, and what we don’t.